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Closed Circuit Television CCTV


You are planning to create your own Closed Circuit Television CCTV or remote surveillance centre and become a player in the development of video security and alarm management.
We propose to accompany you through the various stages. 

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– Phase 1: Prevention Audit and Purpose of the Consultation
– Phase 2: Definition of Services
– Phase 3: General Obligations of the Parties
– Phase 4: Resources
– Phase 5: Materials and Support
– Phase 6: Training Manual
– Phase 7: Training
– Phase 8: Operational Mode
– Phase 9: Test & Improvement Process Quality Curve
– Phase 10: Safety Support & Skills Transfer
– Phase 11: Conceptual Support & Development
– Phase 12: Engineering / Research & Development / Consulting

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APSAD certification  

Designed by the Assemblée Plénière des Sociétés d’Assurances Dommages (APSAD) and 
issued by the National Centre for Prevention and Protection (CNPP), 
This certification defines the standards to be respected by all professionals 
professionals providing services to reduce the risks of malicious intent and 
and fire risks. A genuine brand, it can only be used 
can only be used by APSAD-certified companies.

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APSAD and remote surveillance

Remote surveillance systems allow houses, flats or business premises to be monitored remotely. To do this, the premises must be equipped with detectors to identify dangers and intrusions. These are connected to an alarm centre which is responsible for automatically transmitting these alerts to the remote surveillance centre.
APSAD will allow these remote surveillance stations to be evaluated thanks to a specific rule, APSAD R31

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Burglaries and agressions prevention

Prévention-braquage-cannes - nice- monaco -sécurité

Incivilities, threats, assaults, burglaries… In sectors where employees are in contact with the public, employers must assess such risks. In particular, anticipate with measures to prevent robberies, assaults and conflict management.

Upstream thinking

Upstream thinking is needed on how to prevent such incidents from occurring.
External violence is violence perpetrated against an employee at his or her workplace (or any other place where he or she goes for professional reasons), by an individual or individuals from outside the company (customers, users, patients, etc.). 

Cases of violence

A distinction is made between criminal violence, most often predatory violence (burglary, theft, racketeering, homicide) which affects a number of well-defined professions, and violence by the public against employees. This can take different forms: incivilities, threats, verbal or physical aggression or acts of vandalism. Whatever the form, this violence jeopardises the health and safety of the employees concerned…

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A new trend is emerging

Home robbery is on the rise. 
In order to be better protected against these dangers, we propose a course whose content allows :
1/ To address the criminological phenomena and operating modes that you may face.
2/ To make you aware of the behaviours to adopt in the face of aggressive attitudes of delinquents and to increase prevention in the face of the risks of aggression.
3/ To assimilate the processes and techniques adapted to provide support to those responsible in risky situations.

Attitudes and behaviour

– How to anticipate them
– Behaviour and gestural attitudes to adopt
– Instructions upstream
– Management of the aftermath of a robbery
– The psychological management of the traumatic situation

Audit of your environment

We propose to analyse your needs and the weaknesses of your immediate environment in the context of the prevention of hold-ups, aggressions and conflict management.

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Speakers : Manager of a partner company
Audience: All audiences 
Number of participants: 8 to 10
Duration: 6 hours
Location: In your company

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False transfer orders

faux-ordre-de-virement-escroquerie-au-président - cannes - nice- monaco -sécurité

False transfer orders. Hundreds of millions of euros are disappearing from the coffers of companies that are victims of the President’s Scam.

How it works

An unscheduled, urgent and confidential request for an international transfer 

Attitudes and behaviour

Beware of:

Any change of telephone or e-mail address. Beware: the communication of a new number with a French code is not a guarantee.

Direct contact from a scammer posing as a company member or manager who will use flattery or threats to manipulate the caller.

An abundance of details about the company and its environment: personal data about the company director, his employees, etc. The aim of the fraudster is to establish his credibility and usurp a position.

In case of doubt

In case of doubt, contact the person within the company directly, either physically or with the contact details known to the company

What to do in case of an attack?

Immediately ask the bank to return the funds
File a complaint with the police and gendarmerie, providing as much information as possible.
Filing a complaint quickly will optimise the chances of recovering the defrauded funds.

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SEPA scam

The so-called “SEPA” scams are carried out in the context of the harmonisation of payment methods in the euro zone. A bank employee offers to test a financial transaction that will not actually be fictitious to a financial manager. 
Also, the false transfer requested by e-mail is back in fashion. After the EDF payment orders, it is now fake tax services that are suing individuals and companies alike!

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Video doubt removal

Levée - Doute-cannes-nice-monaco-sécurité

Video doubt removal. As regards movable or immovable property, the law requires remote surveillance operators who receive an alarm signal to carry out an investigation before requesting the intervention of the police.

What is involved? The answers.

Identification of the alarm

A doubt removal is an operation by which a remote surveillance operator identifies the event that caused an alarm. 
When this event is clearly a criminal offence (theft, intrusion) or a danger (fire, escape), the alarm operator can call the police.

However, alarm systems can also be triggered unintentionally and lead to unnecessary interventions by the police or the national gendarmerie.
In order to limit unjustified calls for help, article L.613-6 of the Code of Internal Security and the circular INTD1502555C of 26 March 2015 specify the procedures for removing doubts by remote surveillance companies.

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Conditions for intervention by the Forces of Law and Order

Mandatory prior verification
Article L.613.6 of the French Internal Security Code.

Remote surveillance companies may not request the intervention of the police without having carried out a preliminary verification.  
This consists of a set of verifications, by these natural or legal persons, of the materiality and concordance of the indications of the commission of a criminal act.
If the remote surveillance operator does not identify the event that causes the alarm to be triggered, his call is considered unjustified. He will then incur a penalty of 450 euros (circular INTD1502555C of 26 March 2015).
It should be noted that this rule only applies to crimes or offences concerning movable or immovable property.
It does not apply to alert messages concerning people. The police can then be called in immediately.

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Video verification: the intervention accelerator

Receiving an alarm, whether volumetric, thermal or other, is not enough to call the police or gendarmerie.
On the other hand, the presence of unequivocal images on the video surveillance systems is considered to be an acceptable way of removing doubt. 

Accelerating effect

If there are no images or if they do not reveal a “flagrant” crime, the video surveillance system operator is obliged to contact his client to verify the situation. If the client confirms an anomaly, the removal of doubt is valid in the sense of Article L.613-6.

Unreachable customer

If the customer cannot be reached or if he/she is unable to clear the doubt, the watchman must use other means to ensure that the event corresponds to criminal behaviour

Means considered acceptable by the Police

– Listening to the sounds that may be emitted in the place being monitored,
– Interaction of sounds,
– Concordance between different alarms,
– Sending a security agent to the location.

Removal of doubt agreed with the police

To increase efficiency, the Ministry of the Interior’s circular provides for the possibility of derogating from these rules. In certain areas and during certain periods, remote surveillance companies agree on the methods for removing doubt with the police and gendarmerie.

Specific sites

For example, on a specific site identified in advance: jewellery store, bank, metal storage company, supermarket, etc., the internal security forces intervene as soon as an alarm is triggered. 


It should be noted that Article L.613-6 does not apply to urban video protection systems implemented by a municipality or a public establishment for inter-municipal cooperation (EPCI). In this context, it is not necessary to raise doubts beforehand.

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Surveys Training


Joint partnership

The balance sheet and the results policy are the guarantee of a joint partnership between the company and our anti-counterfeiting partner. 

Businesses as victims

Companies are the main victims of counterfeiters. 
You lose turnover and market share. 
– You become more reserved in selling your products.
– Counterfeiting devalues your image, your reputation, and the institutional company.
Loss of return on investment in research and development, advertising, marketing and communication to build your image.

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How to fight against counterfeiting

Your products are in the following areas:
Alcohol, Spirits
– Perfumes and cosmetics
– Watches and clocks
– Clothing, shoes, luggage
– Pharmacy
– Household appliances and electronics
– Administrative documents

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Investigation and training partners

We can help you in the anti-counterfeiting
Our partner investigators can meet your needs in the fight against counterfeiting.
Their organisation allows them to travel to any point in the world.
They have the capacity to deploy concrete measures to defend your brand and guarantee the success of the operation.
We also train your staff in identity fraud, which is either usurpation or improper acquisition.

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Protection of goods and people

Protection - Biens - Personnes - Cannes - Nice -Monaco - sécurité

The home and business connected to an alarm, to an effective internal and external defence system with remote surveillance for the protection of goods and people.
The progression of delinquency is now moving towards the least well-defended “targets”. How can you deter burglars from coming to your home, from breaking into your front door or windows?

Banks and jewellery stores better protected

Banks, jewellers and other centres where wealth is exchanged are protected against these attacks, which are now aimed at the most vulnerable and least well-equipped.

Crime has changed since the introduction of the free movement of people and goods with the local Schengen area.


International crime

In addition to local crime, there is also international crime, which is very well organised and sometimes uses paramilitary methods. The Pink Panthers, for example, are the best-known of these groups, which are made up of intelligence groups responsible for locating places or following their victims, and action groups responsible for carrying out the crime,

Private homes

After businesses, homes are being robbed.
The reason: shop owners in rural areas have reinforced their protection measures in recent years, such as video surveillance or alarms. As a result, criminals are turning to their homes.
“There are always times when the person is vulnerable. In particular, when they enter their garage, generally with an electric door. Some people rush in and steal the cash that some shopkeepers take home.

Isolated villas – industrial buildings

Another target for robbers is beautiful houses, often isolated in the countryside. 
“A nice house is often synonymous with cash, nice jewellery and nice cars. ” 
Professional buildings are no exception to the rule with industrial espionage.

Police patrols

The geographical location of the goods, which is on the outskirts, does not always allow for sustained surveillance by frequent patrols by the police or national gendarmerie. It is difficult to dissuade any act of vandalism or aggression.

Saving time

Protection of people and property

In the absence of an internal security service (personnel, vehicle, dog, etc.), whatever the choice of the private intervention company, it is highly unlikely that it will be able to obtain better results than the official services.
It is therefore necessary to be able to “gain time” for the intervention of the national gendarmerie or police services alerted as soon as the intrusion begins.

Protection of people and property

Duty to advise

Our duty to advise obliges us to impose active protection on you. Therefore, the security installation that we recommend will allow for an immediate detection of the danger. The emergency services and security services will be able to see the intrusion and the alert in real time.

Removal of doubt – Regulations

The French law specifies, in article L 613-6 of the Code of Internal Security, that the call to the police can only be made after the removal of doubt has allowed the verification of the materiality and concordance of the flagrant clues.
Consequently, if, following an express request, the displacement on site of the Forces de l’Ordre has proved to be unjustified, a financial penalty may be notified, the amount of which may be up to 450 € or according to the legal provisions in force at the time of the facts.


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Cannes Security Prestige Committee

Comité Cannes Sécurité Prestige

Cannes at the origin

Cannes is at the origin of the creation of the Cannes Prestige Security Committee. This was prompted by the Prefectural Authorities of the Alpes Maritimes following the robberies of luxury shops, in particular the Carlton in 2013.

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Luxury Committee

An association representing luxury in Cannes was then contacted with Cannes Prestige.
This association was officially given the organisation of the coordination of information between all the luxury shops in the city of Cannes. 
All this in permanent link with the National and Municipal Police of Cannes.

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GOTO Protection consultant

GOTO Protection is particularly concerned with relations between businesses. Particularly in their needs for training and advice on procedures. But also to bring them up to speed with the regulatory and legal texts, to set up reflex cards and to acquire attitudes and behaviours during risky situations.

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National Police referent

Cannes Sécurité Prestige Association is in constant contact with the National Police referent of Cannes. 
He is in charge of receiving information in almost real time from shopkeepers who have been victims of theft or aggression.  
But also from shopkeepers who have strong suspicions about individuals who have frequented their shops.

Dissemination form

The National Police referent analyses the information received. Then, depending on their relevance, they send them by email as ULD (Urgent Local Dissemination). They include the information (photos, text, video excerpts) to be distributed to all the shopkeepers in Cannes. All the official actors of the Alpes Maritimes department are also recipients.

Cannes Security Prestige Committee
Urgent local distribution: Red ++ N° 2016/02/04
Cannes, 23rd February 2016.
The individual identified in the PJ has committed a major hotel skulduggery against a Cannes hotel.
He is of German nationality and of very good appearance.
It is not impossible that he will repeat his actions in the region.
Thank you for your cooperation, remain vigilant

This form of preventive communication, given its success, has quickly gone beyond the borders of the Alpes Maritimes. 

Committee model taken up 

The hexagon and its main cities where luxury is installed are recipients of the DLU (Diffusion Locale Urgente). The principle has seduced and rallied official partners such as the Monegasque, Italian and Swiss police forces, etc.
The Cannes Security Prestige Committee started by informing about what was happening in Cannes.
From now on, it also receives information about the presence of dangerous individuals, on or outside the national territory, likely to be in the city of Cannes.

The network currently includes nearly 200 Cannes businesses that have joined the committee, which is totally and solely dedicated to security issues.

Meeting of the CCSP at the Cannes Town Hall, reported by Nice Matin 2014 

CCSP meeting at the Palais des Festival reported by Nice Matin 2014

Meeting of the CCSP at the Cannes Police Station reported by Nice Matin 2015

Information from the Alpes Maritimes Prefecture 2015

Meeting of the CCSP taken over by Nice Matin 2017

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Spy Micro Detection

Micros - cachés - Dépoussièrage - Cannes - Nice -Monaco - sécurité

Eavesdropping, detection of micro video cameras and other spy systems

Detection of spy microphones dusting. 
Sophisticated spying tools
are easily available on the market.
Mini digital voice activated dictation devices hidden in your office, meeting room or a room in your flat.
– These tiny micro-transmitters radio your conversations within a radius of about ten metres! 
– A GPS beacon installed on your vehicle that tracks your every move.
– Your mobile phone seems to be hacked? 

Miniature camera and recorder

There are also complete miniature camera systems with a digital recorder hidden in common objects such as an alarm clock, watch, lamp, etc. 

GPS beacon on vehicle

A beacon attached to your vehicle tracks all your movements with an accuracy of a few meters on a simple smartphone! 

Microphone on a fixed telephone line

On a fixed line, it is technically possible to connect a micro-transmitter in a few moments, this microphone being fed indefinitely by the weak current of the line! 

Mobile phone and spyware

A mobile phone trapped with spyware can intercept your communications, SMS and locate you thanks to the GPS incorporated in your phone. 

A professional who has mastered these techniques can set up much more advanced systems, and we will voluntarily keep quiet about how they work… 

If you are spied on, filmed or listened to without your knowledge, you become very vulnerable! In the context of a professional activity, information leaks can be disastrous. The consequences on the viability of the company are just as disastrous. 

Detection of eavesdropping, securing of premises, dusting, detection of beacons and trackers. 

Our partner masters all detection techniques, with complete discretion and confidence. He checks whether you are the target of espionage or eavesdropping. He puts in place the means to identify the perpetrator(s) of these practices. Then he advises you on legal recourse, the implementation of protections and the organisation of “counter-espionage” or “counter-hacking”

Analysis and research 

Our partner recommends, depending on the case, a 
– Bluetooth analysis 
– Spectral analysis up to 6Gz in a few milliseconds 
– Search for GSM micro-spies (IMSI search) 
– Computer network analysis 
– Search for passive systems with a thermal camera

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Fighting Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attaque - Cannes - Nice -Monaco - sécurité

Fighting Cyber Attack Unit that addresses the attitudes and behaviours of team managers and employees in the face of cyber attacks.

We know that cyber-attacks take place at times when teams and their managers are least available (weekends, nights, reduced HR teams, etc.) so we propose solutions to best deal with this type of situation.

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Many companies are victims of cyber attacks and very often do not know the purpose of the attacker: ramsonware, ideology, politics, competition… To tell the truth, no matter the motive, the reason or the motive, the result can be catastrophic for the company if all employees are not made aware of the possibility of this type of aggression and especially trained in the behaviours and attitudes that can help them save.

No matter how many walls of computer technology and virtual bastions are built, the breach, flaws and weaknesses will be in human behaviour.


A cyber attack often comes at a time when there are fewer staff (at night, break times, holiday periods, reduced staff, etc.) to set up a computer intrusion operation. 

Whatever the case, staff must be able to respond quickly and effectively.

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the attack will be taken into account by the IT monitoring service, one of whose missions is to detect the viral intrusion as soon as possible

Within the company there are dozens of people who each work in their own sphere of competence to ensure the smooth running of the work tool. In the event of a cyber attack, each person must be able to contribute their professional capital either to counter the attack or to compensate for it by proposing parallel solutions, solutions which will have had to be tested and then confirmed.


Take into account that an attack, whether physical or virtual, triggers an anxiety-inducing phenomenon. If the attack is minor, the adrenaline level of the personnel will not be affected more than that, but if the attack is brutal and consequent, general panic may set in.

Take into account the physiological reactions of each person with an adrenaline rush that can totally block initiatives, paralyse any decision if you are not trained. As the old saying goes: “easy training, hard work – hard training, easy work”.

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To do this, it is necessary to set up a protocol that will define the “priorities” in view of the description of the situation. It is necessary to consider several scenarios in order to anticipate the cyber attack.

As soon as the attack is launched, the notion and management of time is essential, primordial, even vital for the company. Any minute, any quarter of an hour lost can be fatal if priorities have not been established and validated beforehand.

The virulence of the attacks is all the more important as the attackers have equipment in relation to their targets and the interests they are pursuing.


The company must be able to draw on all its human resources and even recall those who are unavailable at the time: leave, internships, sick, etc.

A period of crisis is a time of war, each decision is taken according to the situation: observation, validation or invalidation and then we start again.

Take into consideration that the virtual attack affects all the links in the company’s chain, not just the IT department, in order to counter the attack or even to take decisions that are worse than the attack in order to preserve the company’s treasure, heritage and wealth. Each department must be able to communicate with each other.

It may be that all the decisions that will be taken will resemble an industrial gas factory, but the main thing is that it does not explode. It is also possible that the company will use obsolete skills that have become important again.

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Next, know how to manage the clientele who may be the “collateral damage” of the situation despite themselves; this is the meeting point between the real world and the virtual attack. Communicate well with partners so that they protect themselves in turn, comment on what is happening and appear responsible.

A cyber attack is a painful experience and can be fatal in the face of this kind of disaster and the damage is irreversible if you are not prepared. Raising the level of security is not an option but a burden that must be part of security development.


A cyber attack has a cost: delay in projects, management of the attack (overtime, employee bonuses) and possibly in the extreme case a ransomware attack even if paying plays into the hands of the attackers.


It is important to know that all the mafias in the world are moving towards cybercrime, a situation that is also very much taken into account by the ANSSI.

If total immunity seems unattainable, the responsibility of the head of the company is to put himself out of danger from these virtual attacks. To do this, investing in the training of his staff in this type of situation will prove judicious.


Realistic situations and stress

Our partner places your teams in a realistic situation of cyber attacks where each of the actors must take the high impact decision(s) with a minimum of information.
The participants are brought together in a room specially designed for this type of exercise.

Unique and innovative training

The training participants are fully immersed for a period of one to two hours in a cyber-attack.

Reaction and interaction

The exercise highlights the attitudes and behaviours of each person faced with the actions to be taken, the reactions and interactions caused by the situation. The solution will come from them.


The Anti-Cyber Attack exercise concludes with an in-depth debriefing to then communicate the keys and tools of crisis management.

Audience for the training

99% of companies are victims of cyber-attacks at least once a year.

Speakers: Company manager experienced in cyber-attack management and cyber security
Audience: IT Department, Senior Managers, Executives, Managers, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Legal and Finance
Number of participants: limited to 8 to 10 per session
Duration: 3 hours
Locations: Toulouse – Paris – Luxembourg

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Skills Training

Airport safety and security


Building a project

It means knowing the airport safety and security issue from both an operational and institutional point of view.
More broadly, our partner acts as a legal and structural advisor in the airport field. 

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Areas of intervention

Air Transport and Airport Cargo Training offers programmes in airport security and safety.
The effectiveness of civil aviation security is the result of a commitment shared by all the actors involved. 
DGAC is developing a doctrine that defines a common framework for action, so that all stakeholders are involved on a daily basis in the implementation of security measures.

The French security doctrine

French security doctrine develops a prospective vision of security. First of all, to prepare, to draw up adapted action plans, and then to serve as a framework for international action. These are the conditions for the sustainable development of air transport.
Secretary of State for Transport emphasised the importance of sharing a doctrine. But also values in the service of ever safer air transport.

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Audit, support and exercises

We use our skills in the context of an audit and pre-audit on site.
To this end, we propose the drafting of programmes and the drafting of specifications.
Following this, we carry out performance tests in an operational situation for security agents. For this purpose, we carry out intrusion exercises on site and the introduction of prohibited objects. 
We also address crisis management and the improvement of the crisis management plan.

Safer travel” film

To ensure the safety of air travel, it is not enough to multiply regulations and control procedures. It is a whole strategy that is implemented by all the players in the air transport sector (Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity)

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